OT Therapy for Schools

Live Online Occupational Therapy for Schools

OT services may be provided through the healthcare system and through schools.  These two funding streams for services have different services and mandates detailed in a chart on our Resources page.  When the school district is considering Online Children’s Therapy as their school OT service, the following information is offered for school districts:

Why Online OT?

Hard to fill positions or contracts

Online Children’s therapy provides mandated IEP-related occupational therapy, when the district does not have a local provider available.

Collaborative opportunities

Through technology, therapists are also able to be present for more IEP-related meetings with teachers, family and others serving the student.

Inclusive access

Whether students attend homeschool, online school or brick and mortar school, we can provide OT virtually anywhere your students learn best.

Why Us?


Online Children’s Therapy is an innovator in bringing remote OT observation, assessment, consultation and direct services to schools.  We have provided telehealth OT,  from rural BC to congested California, since 2013.

Proven Model

We have deep school experience across ages and setting, and an evidence-based telehealth model that works for students, teachers and school administrators.

Hybrid services

As with many online learning models, Online Children’s Therapy telepractice can offers a blended delivery model combining online and onsite services, when travel is feasible.

Live Online Therapy

for Rural  Schools, Online Schools, Homeschoolers
and anyone else seeking remote Occupational Therapy services

Boy holding tablet

Benefits of online therapy

Remote services provide access to therapy for students who might otherwise have IEP-required services unavailable to them. Access is increased while costs remain manageable, since travel time and expense are significantly reduced. Online therapy services have been shown to be as effective as face-to-face in a variety of settings with a variety of disabilities.

Equipment needed

With internet access on a computer, laptop or tablet with camera and microphone, a highly-qualified school therapist is just a click away to visit your classroom or homeschool virtually.

Licensed Therapists

Only a licensed Occupational Therapist can provide OT services.  Our therapist is registered in British Columbia and eligible to serve schools in Alberta, Ontario, NWT and Yukon under interprovincial agreements.  Our therapist holds OT licenses in Oregon, Washington, California and Arizona, and is eligible  in many other states.

Therapy services provided remotely

Whether students attend homeschool, online school or brick and mortar school, we can provide OT virtually anywhere your students learn best.

You can learn more about remote services in our slideshow for schools below:

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OT At Home

If you are interested in bringing live online OT into your home, check out our home online services here.