OT Therapy in Home

Therapy in your home

Telehealth Online Occupational Therapy

We have been pioneers in effective Occupational Therapy telepractice. 

Telehealth enables your child to see a specialist, while remaining in your own home, which reduces travel costs and time. 

Online Children’s Therapy provides in-home online occupational therapy to families in both Canada and the United States, under our two OT practices:  Canadian Children’s Therapy and Corvallis Children’s Therapy.  We provide a full range of services online, including comprehensive assessments and treatment plans tailored to your child’s specific therapeutic needs.  Through live videoconferencing, we provide direct treatment with your child, according to your specific goals.

Get therapy over the internet

Access and Affordability

Serving Rural Areas, Homeschool and Online School Students,
and anyone choosing Remote Service Delivery

Online OT services provide access to telehealth occupational therapy for children who might otherwise struggle to access Occupational Therapy services.  Travel time and costs are dramatically lowered for families.  Online therapy services have been shown to be as effective as face-to-face in a variety of settings with a variety of disabilities.  When families need to isolate, or are travelling, online services can accommodate their lifestyle and provide care anywhere with internet.

Therapy services provided remotely

Therapists at Online Children’s Therapy can provide assessment, support to families, sensory motor treatment activities, home therapy programs, as well as consultation with other professionals involved in your child’s care,  all through video-conferencing technology.

Licensed Therapists

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In Canada, our therapist is nationally certified through CAOT, registered in the province of BC and eligible to serve those living in Alberta, Ontario, Northwest Territories and Yukon through inter-provincial licensing agreements.  

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In the USA, our therapist is nationally certified through NBCOT, licensed in the western states of AZ, CA, OR and WA and eligible to serve residents in a growing number of states through licensure compacts.  Check with us to see if we can serve you where you live.

Equipment needed

With an internet connection on a computer, laptop or tablet with camera and microphone,  you can access a skilled and experienced pediatric occupational therapist to treat your child at home virtually.

OT For Schools

If you are interested in bringing live online OT to your local school district, or looking for school funding for OT, please check out our OT programs for schools and pass the information on to your district’s special educators.

If you are unclear of the difference between Healthcare OT and School OT, there’s a chart here.